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Our Services

We’ll help you reach further and resonate with your audience through conscious marketing, storytelling and researched-back strategies. Our promise is to always use the right approach for your business.

We’ll help you create a brand foundation by pinpointing who you truly are, what makes you different and why you matter. Our process is fun, interactive and effective using research, workshops and design mapping techniques.

  • Brand strategy + messaging

  • Brand identity

  • Mission, vision, values

  • Positioning, elevator pitch, brand pillars, brand personality + tone 

Creating thoughtful and helpful content is the best way to gain trust with your audience. We'll help create engaging content in the form of blogs, newsletters, social media content, videos and more. 

  • Campaign development

  • Content pillars

  • Blog writing

  • Social development

Website Design

Want to bring your brand story to life online? We’ll help you develop custom and templated websites to meet your needs. 

  • Website design + development

  • Website audit

We'll help to create a plan of attack to reach your business and marketing goals through a comprehensive marketing and digital plan in order to reach your customer.

  • Product, price, place, promotion 

  • Social media strategy

  • Sales funnel

  • Channel approach

Customer Research

Research is a part of everything we do. We use surveys, in-depth interviews and secondary research to gain insight into the needs and wants of your customers. 

  • Customer interviews + surveys

  • Customer personas

  • Business assessment


Our Process

When working with new clients, our typical process includes the following. 



  • Business assessment

  • Content audit

  • Customer interviews

  • Competitive landscape



  • Brand positioning, messaging

  • Tagline

  • Mission, vision, values

  • Unique value

  • Voice + personality

  • Brand identity

  • Typography, color palette



  • 4 P's of marketing = product, price, placement, promotion

  • Channel approach

  • Tactics + execution plan

  • Measurement, timing, budget




  • Content development

  • Blogs, social, email, and more!

  • Campaign Development

What Our Clients Say

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Desiree Willis, Marketing Manager

Brilliant Marketing helped us to market, both internally and externally, while our company went through a restructuring process. They worked with us in a collaborative environment to come up with a targeted plan to maintain customer and employee confidence. Their knowledge and experience also increased our confidence in the plan. It's been quite successful thus far!

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