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Brilliant Marketing B2B branding

Get back to your big vision.

Brand and content marketing strategy for B2B service-based businesses and nonprofit organizations.

brand strategy for B2B
B2B brand strategy

B2B and nonprofit marketing that matters. 

We don’t market products that will just end up in a landfill. We’re focused on upleveling service-based businesses for positive change, helping sell the intangibles of expertise and trust for a better world. 

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Marketing Strategy Intensive

Using our proprietary rubric, we’re able to provide a clear picture of your company’s marketing, business, and brand and give you a roadmap to where you want to go. When we say intensive, we mean it — this accelerated offering is start to finish within 2-weeks. 

"Brilliant Marketing is a game-changer! Mikaela and Emily bring a wealth of expertise and their holistic view of not just marketing, but the entire business landscape, sets them apart. Whether it's market research, branding, or digital strategy, they've got it covered. Highly recommend!"

Gina Ruccione, Director of Business Development, Ada Developers Academy

- Paul O'Beirne, CEO, ORCA HR Solutions

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What if you had a partner that maximized the parts of the work you loved, and took over the rest? What if you were ahead of the game on content?  As the marketing lead at your company, you can’t do it all. 


Do you often ask yourself, “how are we going to sustain our nonprofit into the future?” Most nonprofits are dealing with outdated messaging and communication strategies that are not future-proof. 

Intentional marketing inspiration + resources 

Kickstart your marketing efforts. 

Ready to get clear on your marketing priorities? Schedule your Marketing Strategy Intensive intake call. No commitments. No pressure.

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