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We help brands land.

We help B2B service-based businesses and nonprofits align on their brand strategy and content development by developing a cohesive vision that takes things off the (ever-growing) to-do list of in-house marketers so they can keep their organization moving forward. 

Brilliant Marketing began in 2018 with two sisters and a mission: to make purpose-led service-based brands thrive through conscious marketing. 

Emily and Mikaela hail from Alaska and now live on the west coast. They’ve built a team of strategists, content creators, and designers who live for adventure, conscious living, and making in-house marketers’ lives easier. 

As invested business partners, we take a holistic view of not just your marketing, but your entire organization to create strategies that keep moving all efforts forward.

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Our Story

Meet The Team

Meet the team

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Emily Trickey


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Mikaela Bolling



 Jenn Brigham,

Art Director + Graphic Designer


Bob Frause, APR, PRSA

Senior Strategist


Jessica Clemetson

Account Manager + Content Specialist 


Lexi Bradley

Social Media Strategist

Our approach is conscious marketing.


Conscious marketing is a research-backed, intentional approach that creates authentic and emotional brands that inspire. 

It's saying goodbye to the clickbait and cliche and saying hello to strategic, thoughtful marketing activities that get brands seen, understood and engaged with. 

We are mindful. 

We are intentional in everything we do. 

We are curious.

We build trust by understanding people and their business. 

We are adventurous.

We find the best, most creative routes to get to our destination. 

We are adaptive. 

We do what’s best for our clients and team. 

Conscious marketing not only engages your customers, it aligns your employees and stakeholders on who you are and why you matter.


Let's make the world a better place while doing better business.

Conscious Marketing
Traditional Marketing Agency
Aligns your messaging and marketing strategies to your higher purpose and values.
Do whatever it takes to get increased metrics.
Uses intentional, emotive, and positive language to truly connect with your audience.
Uses gimmicks or dishonest language to get engagement.
Ensures your foundational marketing efforts are in place before recommending more.
Only worried about what’s in their scope of work even if it means it isn’t best for the you.
Conducts primary research on your target audience so that strategies work.
Makes guesses about what your audience wants and needs.
Continually communicating and taking tasks off of your ever-growing to-do list.
A significant amount of your time is spent managing the agency and its tasks.
Specialized in a few disciplines. Our trusted partner network is utlized when another skillset is needed.
Tries to be everything for everyone and doesn’t do any of it very well.
Creative ideas grounded in reality. The strategies are actionable and executable.
Ideas are difficult to execute on because they aren’t based on research or active listening.
The team you meet are the ones working on your account.
You get the ‘ol bait + switch. The people who sell to you aren’t the ones working on your account.
Conscious Marketing
“Working with Emily at Brilliant Marketing was a DREAM. As a creative I have great ideas but can lack the ability to concretely execute them. I'd recommend working with Brilliant Marketing 100 Percent!"."

- Rebekah J, Owner, Rebekah  J Designs

Our brilliant adventures.

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