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Your guide to organizational storytelling: the brand story messaging framework

For CMOs, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs who need to update or create a new brand story

Have you ever heard these statements at your organization: “we don’t know how to talk about what we do” or “everyone talks about our company differently” or “we need a compelling story to engage our customers”?

These are some of the top concerns we hear when a company or nonprofit needs an updated brand story.


Brand Story: a clear and consistent message about why your company matters, why you exist, and what you stand for.

As companies change and transition, so does their story. They may have a new target audience, new services, or a new mission and direction. If the story doesn’t match this new direction, it’s time for a reboot.

Often it is hard for CMOs, marketing managers, business owners, or anyone else who leads marketing in their organization to develop the new brand story with the myriad of other things they have to keep up with.

To create a new brand story, CMOs have two options:

  1. Hire a branding agency to lead the process to develop a new brand story

  2. Do it themselves

As a branding agency, we (obviously) advocate for the first option as it can be difficult to see your organization clearly when you are on the inside. It takes someone asking tough questions, doing the research, and then distilling that down into an easy-to-understand and inspirational story.

However, sometimes option 1 isn’t feasible (hello budget) and CMOs and marketing managers are left hanging, thinking “where do I even start?”

All those asking this question, our hearts go out to you.

To make your life easier, we are giving away our simplified framework and process to build your organization’s brand story: The Brand Story Messaging Framework. It’s a slightly modified, DIY version of what we use for our clients!

The framework is a way to structure and develop your new brand story in order to better resonate with your audience, create consistency across your organization, and get your team driving toward a common vision.

Our wish is that it provides you with the structure and inspiration needed to take your company’s marketing to the next level.

Too much on your plate to DIY a new brand story? Chat with us to see how we can support you.


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