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Podcast: ditch the 9-5, how to start, grow, and market your business with Mikaela Bolling

Should you ditch your 9-5? Listen and decide.

Our co-founder, Mikaela Bolling, was on the Design Create Inspire Podcast with Bryn Young from BYoung Design.

We talk all about breaking away from the 9-5, how to scale your business while retaining creative control, and what the biggest pain points are of being an entrepreneur. Oh, and why being a Boss Babe may just be our generation's biggest load of BS!

As part of the episode, we also offer a free marketing workbook download here:

To learn more about Bryn and her work as an architect:

If you're wanting to ditch the 9 to 5, we can help! We offer coaching packages for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Contact us to learn more.

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