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The missing piece to your B2B sales + marketing strategy: Research

So you think you know your customers, but do you really?

The only way to really find out is through research. And we aren’t talking about huge, expensive surveys. We are talking about personal interviews with your stakeholder audiences.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy

We recently spoke with Bob Frause, Brilliant Marketing’s Senior Strategist and owner of the Frause Group, about how B2B companies should embrace research rather than dismissing it as unnecessary or too expensive. Here are the topics we discussed:

+ How to know if your org needs stakeholder research

+ What type of research is best for the challenges at hand: quantitative, qualitative, or industry-based secondary research

+ What kind of information you can get from research like brand perception, channel strategies, and persona development

+ How to use the research for better marketing strategies

+ What to look for in a research firm

(For all the details watch the video above.)

Research is the foundation of every good execution

Some factors will influence the success of your marketing efforts, both positively and negatively. And while it’s easy to create a plan, without the proper research into what those factors are, you’re flying in the dark.

Don’t skimp on research, it’s the foundational piece of your strategy.

Four steps to successful outcomes:

  • Research

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Measurement

Not all research is the same

Many organizations have done internal research to inform their planning and execution, and that’s certainly better than no research efforts at all. But it’s no comparison to the wealth of information that’s gained by hiring a professional research individual or team.

And while members of your organization mean well, they don’t have the necessary training for market research to be effective. Research firms, on the other hand, will be thorough in their approach and ask the hard questions which ultimately provide the best possible data. Another key benefit of using a third-party research firm is that customers will be more candid with their feedback when there’s a level of anonymity.

The right timing

When should you invest in research?

Research that measures an organization’s current brand identity against the brand identity goal is best when done annually to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Additionally, research should be done before planning any new products or services to ensure those efforts are well-informed.

“Attention to detail delivers success.” - Bob Frause

If you are interested in market research services for your organization, please reach out. Our competitor, customer, and market research services can help you to optimize your branding and marketing efforts.


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