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Marketing manager pain points and how to ease them: a discussion with Reverb’s Kylie Aberle

Brilliant Marketing co-founder Emily sat down with Kylie Aberle, marketing manager behind Reverb, to discuss the challenges of being a marketing manager at a growing HR consulting firm and how she’s worked to solve those issues.

Marketing managers often wear many hats: project manager, journalist, designer, event coordinator, business analyst, strategist. The list goes on and on. It's no surprise that with all these hats, a few pain points arise from wearing them. So, what can you do to ease the pain?

Examine what you already know, assess what you don’t, and make a plan.

When Brilliant Marketing and Reverb started working together, there were two main pain points that needed tending to: Reverb not having an official marketing department and Kylie stepping into the role of marketer as a newcomer. Without a dedicated marketing foundation, there were missing pieces in Reverb’s branding that needed to be built. And for Kylie, she wanted to learn how to better communicate ideas with Reverb’s leadership and how to measure the success of their marketing efforts. Where did Brilliant Marketing suggest they start their marketing journey? In the minds of their customers.

Customers are the heart of a business: get to know them

One of the first things we decided to do was an audit of Reverb’s customers. Specifically, we wanted to know who they are, what they are looking for, and what they think about Reverb. By talking to and getting to know the customers, together Brilliant Marketing, Reverb, and Kylie were able to create branding that catered to the customers and better reflected Reverb overall. Additionally, talking to their customers lead to creating and offering a new service, which in turn provided great marketing content. Moral of the story is don’t forget your customers and try talking to them from time to time.

Sometimes the best move is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture

In addition to gathering info from customers, Brilliant Marketing surveyed each individual at Reverb on what the brand meant to them and how they wanted customers to perceive it. With all the collected viewpoints, Brilliant Marketing helped Reverb rebrand, complete with a new story, logo, color scheme, and website refresh.

Part of the rebranding process includes laying out and defining the organization’s core values. Ultimately, these values help define your purpose and shape the mission, vision, and actions of the organization. Kylie mentioned how much easier and enjoyable it was creating content with the new branding because it better reflected the company.

Keep track of your KPI metrics

With a new marketing foundation to build strategy and content off of, the next important step for Kylie and Reverb was to understand and track their KPI metrics. KPIs are a great way to measure the progress and impact of all the different marketing campaigns and tools. They not only show you what can be improved, but also show you what works well. For Kylie, the data-driven evidence was beneficial when asking for support for future events and projects.

Use data to see what is hitting the mark and what is not

From your collected KPI data, you can better divide time and energy. If you’re not seeing many metrics from a certain campaign, you can put a pause on allocating additional efforts to it or you can reassess and try something different. When you do see growth in metrics from a certain campaign, it helps to not only show you the success of your marketing campaign, but also provides a good baseline of what works best when planning future campaigns. Overall, seeing the payoff of all your hard marketing work will make you feel good and boost confidence!

What pain points do you need help addressing? Contact us today and we can help find solutions.


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