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Bringing mindfulness into your marketing

It’s 2022, and time to change the way we approach our work.

We’re leaving hustle culture in the past and redefining how we engage with the world. Before taking action, it’s important to pause and become aware of what you’re doing. Enter, mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing.

At Brilliant, we incorporate a Mindful Minute into each of our meetings and work sessions, which originated from one of our clients, ORCA. A Mindful Minute is a moment of pause, honoring the transition from where you just were to where you are going. Sometimes this looks like some slow, intentional breaths, other times it’s a guided visualization by one of our team members.

We were a little nervous at first because we didn’t want to come off as “woo-woo” but ORCA gave us the confidence to give it a try since they had been using it with their clients successfully. What we’ve learned is that being mindful has nothing to do with being spiritual or “woo-woo.” It’s about being present with yourself and honoring the time it takes you to transition from one thing to the next.

How to incorporate a Mindful Minute into your workday

If you’re new to meditation or aren’t sure where to start, simply close your eyes or lower your gaze and start to notice the natural rhythm of your inhales and exhales. If any thoughts arise, notice them and then come back to your breath. Once you feel completely present in your breath, let your eyes flutter open and begin.

How does mindfulness impact marketing?

At its core, marketing is really about the practice of increasing awareness. In our practice of Conscious Marketing, we focus on increasing awareness through conversations and storytelling. When you take time to become fully present and aware, you’re able to really connect with your audience by building deep connections. Forming connections that are rooted in authenticity and vulnerability are key to building trust with your community. Turning inward is how you’re going to find those ways to connect.

Mindfulness in your workday

Mindfulness goes beyond what you do; it also impacts how you do it. We don’t believe in stretching ourselves too thin or chaining ourselves to our desks. Being mindful in your workflow requires two steps. The first is knowing what you need. Second, it’s taking action to meet that need. Taking a moment to pause and become fully present with yourself allows your needs to rise to the surface. It can be so easy for our minds to get caught up in the to-do lists and it will start to suppress what our bodies are trying to tell us. By incorporating a mindfulness practice into your work, you are inviting your full and true self to be present which will drive your work and create deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience.

Be present, not perfect

An important aspect of any mindfulness practice is knowing that you are not perfect. Each day is going to be different and you will experience seasons of life that are busy or times when you feel off. The expectation with your mindfulness practice is not that you are perfect in your practice. It's about building tools that you can come back to when you are struggling, and truly honoring where you are at in your life and your day regardless of what that looks like.

Are you ready to leave the hustle behind and join the mindful marketing movement?

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