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What is brand strategy

Branding + Storytelling

How to build a B2B brand strategy

Align on your communications strategy and messaging to bring a cohesive vision that takes things off the (ever-growing) to do list of your in-house communications and donor relations staff. 

Social + environmental nonprofits need something different. 

Looking at what consumer-facing brands are doing for their marketing and communications doesn’t always work when building a nonprofit brand. That's why nonprofit experience matters.  

It starts with donor research.

That’s why every branding process with Brilliant Marketing starts with donor and stakeholder research and market analysis. The more research, the more your nonprofit will resonate with your donors and differentiate you from other mission-driven organizations—that’s why a brand strategy unique to YOUR audience and value is crucial. 


Hand-in-hand we'll help your generosity shine. 

How to build a brand strategy

The details.

* We believe in bespoke over mass-produced. While this is our standard process, we’re happy to customize based on your needs. 

The big finish.

A brand playbook that reflects who you are inside and out. We will even train your members, volunteers, and team on how to use it, so you always have the best brand ambassadors that shine for your nonprofit. 

What is a brand strategy guide
How to build a brand strategy

A strategic partner can help your nonprofit communications strategy resonate + reach further. 

As executive director or communications lead at your organization, you know you can’t do it all.


Leading an executable strategy for targeting the right audience at the right time and developing a compelling brand story that drives donations is the next step for a  nonprofit to stand the test of time. 

You are committed to this cause. Let us help you fill in the gaps so you and your team can get back to your big vision.  

Nonprofit Branding

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