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Nonprofit Communications+ Social Strategy


You have limited time and resources. You need to prioritize and optimize your donor communications, community building, and social media strategy to get results.

Nonprofits are ready to make an impact.

Traditional marketing strategies may not be right for your social or environmental nonprofit. Your communications strategies not only need to work, they have to align with your mission and values. That's why we use a conscious marketing approach to ensure your communications and social strategy align with your higher purpose. 

What could you accomplish with more engaged stakeholders?

Have you felt like your communications efforts are falling flat? Engagement is key to fundraising, volunteers, and community outreach and education. That's why every nonprofit communications and social strategy process with Brilliant Marketing starts with donor and stakeholder research and market analysis. The more research, the more your communications will resonate and differentiate you from the competition—that’s why a communications and social strategy unique to YOUR target audience and value is crucial.


As the communications lead or Executive Director at your nonprofit, you can’t do it all. We can help.

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Which strategy is best to reach B2B consumers

Your partner to strategically guide and target the right donors at the right time on the right platform.


What if hiring an agency was stress-free and took more off your plate? You can’t do it all—staying on top of the trending audio while fundraising is difficult. We align with your organization and current communications efforts to strategically guide and target the right donors at the right time on the right platform. 

You know your nonprofit’s why. We’ll help fill in the gaps to boost bandwidth and identify strategic opportunities. 

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