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Helping an international company navigate the receivership process in COVID

The Robbins Company


Strategic Communications

Due to an international manufacturing company’s failed investment partnership with an insolvent, China-based corporation, a receivership process was initiated that could bring the company back under control of the original owners.

This process, delayed by COVID-19, needed to be carefully communicated to vendors, clients, and hundreds of employees around the globe.

Understanding the terrain

As a strategic partner, Brilliant Marketing was engaged to ensure all communications supported the goals of the receivership process. We conducted an assessment of the company’s situation and created a comprehensive communications plan outlining the goals, marketplace, attitudes, objectives, and audiences. The plan included six strategies with the corresponding action plans. Internal and external messaging was created, in collaboration with the CEO and communications team, and a virtual training was held for global employees who speak with customers and stakeholders.

Your communications team

Domestic and international companies in receivership and bankruptcy require knowledgeable communications guidance. As an experienced team of business and communications strategists, we work with your internal leadership and legal teams to understand your unique business and financial situation in order to craft customized plans that provide successful outcomes for your organization.

A successful outcome

In part, a solid communications approach helped the company successfully navigate the receivership process and subsequent restructuring. As a result, nearly all current customers and employees were retained.

"Brilliant Marketing helped us to market, both internally and externally, while our company went through a restructuring process. They worked with us in a collaborative environment to come up with a targeted plan to maintain customer and employee confidence. Their knowledge and experience also increased our confidence in the plan. It's been quite successful thus far!"

- Desiree Willis, Marketing Manager

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