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100% satisfaction rate for marketing workshops serving agribusinesses in Hawai’i

The Kohala Center


Marketing Workshops

We hosted a series of two business and marketing workshops for The Kohala Center, an independent, community-based center for research, conservation, and education.

The workshops were aimed at helping their grant awardees, small businesses in the agriculture industry in Hawai’i. The attendees were entrepreneurs and small business owners who had farms, retail products or stores, tour operations, and more.

The two workshops built on one another. The first focused on developing a business and marketing plan of action. This provided an actionable plan that business owners could take into the new year to improve their marketing. The next workshop focused on creating their brand story. This ensured that the story they were telling their customers was consistent, purposeful, and resonated deeply with their audience.

Based on both workshops, 100% of attendees surveyed said the workshops met or exceeded their expectations. Additionally, 86% of attendees said the workshops were very helpful while the remaining percentage rated them as somewhat helpful.

“I did take a lot away and they were both helpful in getting me going because marketing, writing my story and building a website is my main goal right now. Please keep me in the loop on future workshops and business building for small local businesses.” - Leilea, small business attendee

“You guys did an excellent job with this. I really appreciate everything. They don't teach this on the college level. I look forward to more of your sessions.” - Kevin, small business attendee

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