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Rethinking strategy for the evolving renewable energy industry results in 500+ webinar attendees

Solar Support


Brand Strategy, Marketing + Social Strategy, Content Marketing

Solar Support, a specialty engineering solutions firm for aging PV assets, was scaling quickly.

They came to Brilliant Marketing ready to expand their digital and content marketing efforts in order to increase brand awareness and sales. In addition, we realized customer research and an updated brand strategy was needed in order to better understand their customers and their brand with their fun-loving, mission-oriented culture.

Timely campaigns

To meet the needs of the client, Brilliant Marketing kicked off the project with an expedited end of the year digital marketing campaign around one of their key products. This included Google Search and Display Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, an email campaign, and organic social and blog content. Additionally, Brilliant Marketing provided monthly content development support through email campaigns, webinars, social media, blogs and videos. This resulted in over 500+ attendees for their LinkedIn Live webinar.

New messaging and strategy

A full customer research and brand strategy update was executed in tandem with the digital and content marketing support. This included customer interviews and research, customer persona development, a new brand story messaging framework, a new logo and visual identity, and strategic marketing plan.

The final product was a brand playbook which included a new brand strategy and messaging framework to better define the company and infuse their values and culture into their messaging and marketing efforts. Not only did the new messaging resonate with Solar Support’s clients, it also brought their team on the same page in regards to who they are and what they do and stand for.

"There wasn't much of a decision when it came to partnering with the Brilliant Marketing team. We instantly felt a connection and believed they would be the perfect asset to our company at that time. Their experience and passion for renewable energy first drew us in. Once we onboarded with them, they immediately captured our voice and executed on what we needed, when we needed it."

– Chelsea Trotta, Solar Support Director of Operations

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