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Creating a marketing strategy that sparks joy for an HR startup



Brand Strategy, Fractional CMO, Marketing + Social Strategy

Reverb didn’t have the budget to hire an internal Chief Marketing Officer, so they looked to us to help fill the gaps.

When Reverb came to us, their marketing strategy mostly consisted of blogs and social posts. They didn’t have anyone designated at their company to create and implement a marketing strategy that could tie everything together. Like most startups, their resources are limited, and are experiencing rapid growth which pushed them to look for outside help.

How we helped

Our goal with Reverb was to help them understand who they are as a company and where they wanted to go. We started by doing research to get a better understanding of the needs of their target audience and where they fit into the market. Client interviews and competitive analysis are a great way to gain more insight into what kind of marketing strategy you need to employ. From there we were able to create a new visual brand identity that was bold and clean yet playful. We updated their messaging and then created a comprehensive marketing strategy to really bring the new vision to life.


Reverb’s new brand identity is more than just a new logo, it captures the heart and soul of the company. The messaging framework offers a clear understanding of how all the pieces work together towards a common vision for the future and the new visual elements energize their website, offering a refreshed perspective.

"Our new site went live on a Thursday, and one week later, on a call with a potential sponsor, the first words out of her mouth were, 'I was looking at your website and was so impressed by how well your values of kindness and diversity shone through.' It's cool to see someone sum up exactly what you set out to achieve months prior and a testament to how Brilliant Marketing is committed to incorporating the heart and soul of their clients into their initiatives."

- Kylie Aberle, Marketing Manager

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