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3x growth in followers and 2x growth in email marketing for leading HR company

ORCA HR Solutions


Marketing + Social Strategy, Content Marketing

ORCA HR Solutions, a leadership development firm for technology companies in Seattle, was in the midst of growth.

Yet, they had no formal marketing strategy or in-house resources to increase their brand awareness, engagement and lead generation. ORCA was looking for a strategic partner to help guide their strategic marketing direction and provide execution support.

Building brand recognition + thought leadership

Brilliant Marketing conducted a business assessment to deeply understand the opportunities in ORCA’s industry and their position in the marketplace. This was used to create a marketing and content strategy that leveraged their in-house thought leadership.

The strategy was executed through an integrated omni-channel campaign which included blog development, social media, email marketing, Google Ads, and PR. As a strategic partner, we also assessed the effectiveness of ORCA’s sales materials to ensure potential clients received the best experience throughout the sales process.

A successful outcome

As a current business partner, we help ORCA continually adapt to the changing communications and marketing landscape. Through thought leadership content, we’ve helped ORCA increase their brand awareness and engagement in their target audience. As a result, their growth has included:

  • 2.1x growth in the number of leads touched through the monthly newsletter

  • 2.7x growth in company LinkedIn page followers

  • 3.5x growth in Instagram followers

  • 3.1x growth in Facebook community

  • ~3k views of ORCA’s thought leadership articles

  • Multiple new clients and leads reach out via LinkedIn mentioning blogs and thought leadership content 

“Brilliant Marketing is willing to go above and beyond to both understand our business and support us. They don't just play the role of consultant but more like a partner in our business, providing support and advice."

- Paul O'Beirne, CEO

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