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Marketing + branding workshop helped 25 businesses learn new skills

Goldendale Chamber of Commerce


Marketing Workshops

In 2023, the City of Goldendale and the Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce distributed an RFP to host a marketing workshop for small businesses in their community.

As a small, rural town, they needed to provide resources to help small businesses thrive and make their town a place of interest for travelers. 

When researching the town and businesses during the RFP process,  we realized that many of the business owners had very little time and resources to commit to marketing and advertising. Therefore, they needed a hands-on workshop to help them develop their brand story and an action plan to distribute it. To do this, we created a 2.5 hour interactive marketing and branding workshop with a custom workbook so attendees walked away with their new brand messaging and an actionable plan moving forward.

Brilliant Marketing beat out over 7 local and national organizations who responded to the RFP due to our custom approach and actionable workbook. We worked with the Chamber to develop a workshop for over 25 attendees that included:

  • Presentations about why small business branding is important

  • Fill in the blanks workbook to help attendees create their brand story by identifying their industry, target audience, and what makes them unique

  • Interactive brainstorming as a group

  • Small group working sessions where attendees shared their brand story and received feedback

  • Examples of how to use the brand story in marketing

  • One-on-one coaching after the workshops where attendees received real-time feedback

We also worked with CivicBrand, who was hosting another workshop on placemaking for Goldendale’s downtown area, to ensure our content was complimentary. We attended the walking tour of downtown the day prior to the workshop to visit the businesses and experience the community. This collaboration ensured participants had a cohesive experience in both workshops that built upon one another. 

The results of the workshop included a 100% satisfaction rate.  

  • 100% of people were very satisfied with the event 

  • 100% of people said the workshop was very relevant and helpful to them 

  • 100% said the workshop materials were helpful

  • 94% of people said they learned new skills or knowledge to use in marketing their business

Some of the feedback we received was: 

  • “[The workshop] helped me define myself in new ways and helped me realize that I really do offer a valuable product.”

  • “[The workshop was] very organized, personable, fun, open and easy to follow along.”

  • “The small groups helped me get ideas from people with experience and my target demographic.”

  • “It motivated me to take the next steps.”

  • “I appreciated the tools to take back and continue to work on.”

  • “Now I have an idea of where my business strengths are.” 

We absolutely enjoyed working with the Goldendale Chamber and small business community on this branding and marketing workshop to help empower them with tools to create their brand story and grow their businesses. 

If you’re interested in a branding or marketing workshop for your business, community, association, or organization, contact us for a free consultation. Stay Brilliant!

“[The workshop] helped me define myself in new ways and helped me realize that I really do offer a valuable product.”

- Goldendale Business Owner

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