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Marketing Strategy Intensive provides clarity for food and wellness business

Foodie With A Life


Marketing Strategy Intensive, Marketing + Social Strategy

Food blogger turned meal planning coach, Christina Conrad, Founder of Foodie with a Life, wanted to grow her audience and increase sales for her new business, but was uncertain which marketing strategies to invest in.

Christina had a successful food blog for many years. In 2021, she relaunched her business with meal planning, coaching, recipe memberships and classes. She had started a podcast, had a regular newsletter and posted consistently on social channels, but was uncertain where she should focus her time and money to take her business to the next level.

How We Helped

Enter Brilliant Marketing. In our first conversation with Christina, we dug deep to understand her needs, current barriers, and her goals. She felt she was doing all the right things but needed an outside perspective to help give her marketing direction and feedback so she could successfully scale her business and offerings.

We recommended a Marketing Assessment and Roadmap Intensive to:

  • Review and audit her current content and marketing channels 

  • Create a marketing roadmap to prioritize her marketing efforts for the year

The first step was the content audit to review four areas of Christina’s marketing including: 

  1. Customer Understanding - how well you understand your customer

  2. Branding - both the visual identity and the brand messaging / brand story

  3. Marketing Foundations - marketing foundations like your website, social, newsletter, blog, etc

  4. Holistic Strategies - any type of marketing activity that falls outside of your marketing foundations, which directly relate to helping move your customer through the sales funnel

Using our proprietary rubric assessment tool, we rated Foodie with a Life’s current marketing efforts on a scale of 1-100% completion for each of the four categories. This helped to show where the business was excelling and areas for improvement on where efforts should be focused for maximum impact.

The Results

In the content audit, we uncovered the brand was doing a great job of being clear, consistent and visually pleasing, yet it missed speaking directly to the customer’s pain points around carrying the mental load of meal planning.

Another recommendation was streamlining the content focus, as resources were limited. We asked, “How can she do more with less?” The answer was in the thing she loved to do the most—her podcast—which launched earlier in the year. We recommended utilizing the podcast as the anchor piece of content and expanding it by filming the episodes and securing podcast sponsors. 

After our workshop, we created a 2023 Marketing Roadmap which outlined the top recommendations in priority order for the business to focus on for the coming year and presented the plan to Christina. This will be her marketing plan for the year. We were able to introduce her to partners to help her with execution that fit her budget and needs. 

We are excited to follow Christina’s progress and see her roadmap come to life.

“To have Brilliant’s feedback and point of view on how I’m communicating my value and brand is super valuable. What they provided is thoughtful, concise with clear feedback and recommendations. I actually immediately changed my Instagram description! When I came to Brilliant I was spinning a bit, not sure where to invest my resources next. I left with a clearer idea of what my next steps are and a Marketing Roadmap for 2023. I would certainly recommend them!” - Christina Conrad, Founder, Foodie with a Life

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