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Inspired storytelling for farm community planner aligns team for growth

Farmer D


Brand Strategy, Marketing + Social Strategy

Farmer D, the leading farm community planning and design firm, was looking to grow their business.

As a mission-driven company, Farmer D knew they had a big positive impact on various social and environmental issues. However, they were unsure how to concisely tell that story in a way that resonated with their target audience: developers and landowners. Additionally, as they brought on new team members, they wanted to ensure they were aligned on their values, mission and services.

Uncovering an inspiring story

Brilliant Marketing was hired to help develop Farmer D’s brand story and marketing strategy. Through a virtual brand workshop, we worked with the team to create a brand messaging framework outlining Farmer D's vision, mission, values, elevator pitch, key messages and proof points.

We brought the new brand story to life through a strategic marketing plan. Through research on their target audience, we were able to gain insight to prioritize the strategies and channels that would be most effective in their marketing efforts.

A successful outcome

Farmer D’s new team aligned on their mission and services through our process. This alignment and new marketing strategy allowed them to gain momentum in finding value-aligned projects and partners to scale their business.

“Emily and Mikaela were incredibly easy to work with. They pulled so much information together and crafted a clear messaging framework for us to grow into. This is helping us to clarify how we want to grow and who we want to grow with as a business. It was a great experience, not only to have a final framework, but also for our team to work together to help craft it."

- Kasi Munoz, Director of Design and Operations

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