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New podcast hits 7,500 downloads and a 220% increase in social followers

Citizen Farmers


Content Marketing

Farmer D was looking to launch their new podcast, based on their book “Citizen Farmers: The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities and Give Back to the Earth.”

The goal was to start a movement that inspires, educates and empowers people to grow healthy food, build thriving communities and give back to the Earth.

Finding creative strategies

Brilliant Marketing was hired to plan the launch of the new podcast and website. These tactics included a giveaway, organic social media, email marketing, and ongoing content marketing efforts.

A successful launch

Within 4 months, Citizen Farmer’s Instagram followers increased by 165% and within 10 months increased by 229 percent. Additionally, the podcast garnered 7,500 downloads in just 10 months and continues positive growth.

Cultivate the gardener within.

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