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Empowering women to lead where they land through a rebrand

Center for Women and Democracy


Website, Brand Strategy

The Center for Women and Democracy was looking for a complete rebrand.

We worked with a select group from their Board of Directors to create a new Brand Playbook from scratch. The main challenge for this organization was to create something that could stand the test of time, that was inclusive and neutral, and honored the foundation and roots of how they started. Going through the process, we learned so much about each individual and the group as a whole. It really took some creativity to create an end product that spoke to the entire board and represented the direction that CWD wanted to move forward.

How we helped

We started with our classic messaging workshop where we work with clients to uncover their unique message, voice, brand personality. This is where we get to have fun working together through creative exercises to gain clarity on what is at the core of our client’s desires. From there we create their brand messaging which makes up half of the Brand Playbook. The other half is the visual aspect of the brand. For CWD, their new brand messaging helped to inform the visual look of their brand.

Once their Brand Playbook was complete, we did a complete audit of their current website, put together a new sitemap, and built out each website page with their new visual look and messaging. The result is a completely customized website that is cohesive and easy to navigate.


Working with the Center for Women and Democracy was such a unique experience for us, and we are really excited with how their website came together. Working with CWD at every stage of the process really allowed us to get to know them well, and deeply understand both their needs and the desires of their community which resulted in a solution that really reflected who they are and where they’re going. We are so excited with how this project came together, and we hope that it will continue to support CWD’s mission of building an inclusive and diverse community that helps women lead where they land.

Empowering women to lead where they land.

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